Thanks for coming to our site! I always get so many questions about our recipes and what David and I are cooking, so I thought this would be a great place to share those, and whatever else I feel like sharing in my own little corner of the “inter-webs”. Now, here’s your warning: I am NOT a writer. In fact, my best friend from 4th grade (Hi P!) usually proofs everything I write to this day (including this paragraph because she texted me while I was writing it). So as much as I will try to write in a way that would make my middle school English teacher proud, I’m human, not perfect, and pretty much write how I talk. So that’s that! 😊

I have loved cooking and being in the kitchen for as long as I can remember. I wrote my first cookbook as a little girl with computer paper and markers. I started cooking for my friends in middle school and that became one of my favorite hobbies which continued all through college. Fast forward to culinary school, David and I were cooking a lot, but not the healthiest of foods. Since having Hattie, we struggled with secondary infertility. We tried naturally for 6 years after she was born while I also struggled with pretty serious depression and anxiety. I was in a lot of physical pain that I would later find out is endometriosis. This is when we discovered The Whole 30 program which helps with a myriad of health problems. We also just loved cooking fresh, clean, and nutritious meals that made us feel good. It’s also a fun challenge for us to recreate our favorite recipes in a healthier way. Eating this way helped me with my depression, anxiety, endometriosis, and completely changed how I look at food. In 2018-2019, we went through 5 rounds of fertility treatment. After our 5th round in January ’19 we decided that was all we could take. It was entirely too much for us to handle emotionally, and after being on and off hormones for an entire year, I was ready to be back to “normal”. Since Whole30 also helps regulate hormones, I’ve mostly stuck with this lifestyle and have found my Food Freedom through it. 

With both of us having a background in food, and me also having a photography background, it finally clicked where I should be focusing my energy besides my lovely family. Recipe developing, and food photography has been such a fun discovery that I truly enjoy. I love being in the kitchen with my family and friends cooking, laughing and dancing to music. It’s truly my happy place and I can’t wait to share that with you!