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Burrata Tomato Salad

I’ve been dreaming about this tomato burrata salad since last summer. Get ready for this short but sweet recipe! It’s so simple and easily adaptable. Use whatever lettuce you can find. If large tomatoes aren’t looking great, get cherry tomatoes. Use whatever oil and vinegar you like best or have on hand. You can also use as much cheese as you want! You can break it apart if you want less or serve it as a main dish as your protein. A sprinkling of bacon is a wonderful textural bonus too!  

Burrata Tomato salad with crispy marinated onions on top.

Burrata Tomato Salad:

Serves: 2-6; Prep time: 15 min or less



  1. Pull burrata out of fridge, open package, and set cheese out on towel or paper towel to drain excess liquid. Let the cheese come to room temp while you’re assembling the salad.
  2. If you’re using bacon, place diced bacon in a cold skillet (cast iron is great here) and turn on medium heat. I like to put bacon in a cold pan because it helps render more fat off and also helps it not to burn. Cook until crispy, about 7-10 minutes. Then drain. I use a fine sieve over a mixing bowl, and pour the bacon into that. Then, reserve the bacon grease for other uses! 
  3. Mix the extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, and salt and pepper into the bottom of a big salad bowl (this is a trick my mom has always used to make her dressings and I love it).
  4. Add arugula or greens to bowl and toss. Taste for seasoning. You may want a touch more salt or pepper here! Season every layer.
  5. Cut your tomatoes into wedges if using large tomatoes, or in half if using cherry tomatoes. Season these also. Tomatoes need salt!
  6. Time to plate! Grab your dish of choice (we like to use big individual pasta bowls for our salads), pile in your greens, place the burrata on top. Fan your tomatoes around the edges and sprinkle a little bacon around the plate. Drizzle the top of the burrata with just a touch of olive oil. Then you can add some fresh cracked pepper and red pepper flakes to the top.
  7. You’re ready to eat! Enjoy!
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