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How I started gardening

Gardening started as a love/hate relationship. My first few vegetable gardens were never very bountiful, I just never quit trying. Our first raised beds didn’t produce as much as I’d hoped, and then I realized plants need fertilizing 😂. I became determined to get food from our yard to table. 

Our first raised beds in 2013

When we started our next attempt to bring food in from the yard, it was with a quarantine vegetable garden of ten 10 gallon grow bags, we had more tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers than I could have ever imagined. That’s when I developed my Tomato Burrata Salad.

The success of the grow bag garden had me motivated to try raised beds again, but this time I got serious. I made outlines of every plant I was planning to plant. It’s a 21-page outline (front and back) for each season—one for spring, one for fall. That’s 42 pages of notes guys! I bought seeds, and I followed so many gardening accounts on Instagram. They flooded my feed with so much beauty, knowledge, and inspiration. Then I got graph paper and started plotting using the square foot gardening method, which I had used before with our first raised beds.

Fall 2020 raised bed upgrades. This is two 4×8 beds laid out in 1 square inch grids for square foot planting.

Square Foot Gardening

The Square Foot Gardening method is by far my favorite way to plot out a garden. You will save a lot of space and money by not freely sowing a ton of seeds, perfect for compact spaces, and just getting the most out harvest from your beds. Square foot gardening uses companion planting. Growing crops, flowers, herbs, or vegetables that help each other grow next to each other. For example, collard greens planted by beans, onions, potatoes and oregano will do well. Collards planted by tomatoes and lettuces do not do well.

Ta ta for now!

I’m so happy to expand this site to show more of my interests and hobbies. Gardening makes me feel grounded, keeps us more self-sufficient, and anyone can do it! Check back for weekly posts and recipes!

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