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Planting Seedlings and how THAT’S going

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. This year, that’s been a lot of things, but this planting seedlings this fall has been rough, to say the least. My cat, Doctor Mew, was found laying on an entire seedling flat of my greens for fall. All of my lettuces, cabbages, pretty much everything.

Ass-Hat Cat

I was clearly not very happy about this, which led to me getting pouty and ignoring the seedlings. Sure showed them. DO NOT DO THISSSSS! 😝

Total fail.

I started all the seeds again. Everything was going great, and I was about to start hardening off a tray. So I put the tray on our flattop grill in the backyard, safe from the chickens…I thought. They were not safe, and one chicken, Meep, knocked over the entire flat.

Guilty Meep.

I still have my greens, herbs, and flower seedlings going. I’ll have to replant a few things, but that will not stop me from having an awesome fall garden, and I’ll update you with the newest saga of planting seedlings this year. My next task, amending my beds! What are you growing this fall? Let me know in the comments!

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