Cleaned up Vincent’s Coleslaw

On a trip to my Aunt and Uncle’s, they fixed us a classic Cole Slaw they had on their first date. They said it was from an old Dallas restaurant that is now closed, Vincent’s. Now, I am normally not … Continue reading Cleaned up Vincent’s Coleslaw


Hey guys! Welcome to my page! I hope you enjoy these first few recipes I’ve been working on these past few months. Most of my recipes are either paleo, keto, or Whole30 in nature or are easily adaptable as so! I’ll be adding some of my favorite food freedom recipes too, like homemade pasta dishes because it’s all about balance for us! Now for a huge shout out to David for helping me execute these recipes while I’ve been boot bound, and especially for just listening to me and supporting me! Getting creative in the kitchen with you and Hattie … Continue reading WELCOME!