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Welcome! Ready to learn a little more about us?

Julie, David and Hattie Havard

I do

First, David and I met when I moved to Austin for culinary school. For me, I knew he would be my forever from our first date when he made me a pan sauce. We then got married in February ’10 under Julia Child’s portraits. From the beginning, food was our love language and one we have happily passed onto our beautiful daughter, Hattie.

Our girl Hattie then

photo by J Bell Photography

And now

Last but not least, Hattie! Hattie is the light of our lives! She is the wittiest, sassiest little lady, and has a heart of gold. Hattie is extremely creative and loves to make things just like her mama. She loves all animals and cares deeply about conservation and the planet. Recently, Hattie organized a petition that led to the PTA funding recycling cans for her elementary school and this mama could not be prouder. Sushi is her favorite food just like her mama. Also, she loves to be in the kitchen with us helping create recipes. Hattie is quite the tough little foodie/critic so her opinion is held high with us! Welcome to our site!

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